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 IDs Maker x3

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PostSubject: IDs Maker x3   IDs Maker x3 Icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2013 2:18 pm

IDs Maker x3 1
IDs Maker x3 2IDs Maker x3
Before Making ids you have to choose your ids type like
Sereis ids
Defferent ids
if you choose serias type the id name like this
for example
ids will be like
etc ....
that means
? = series number
you can enter more and more question mark as you want
and for defferent ids
choose chars letters
to make a rondom id with the spicific letters which you enter
and the legth
scan kardam t.r.o.j.a.n nadasht fek konam inbar yadesh rafte t.r.o.j.a.n bezare
ba sorate n0o0o0o0r id misaze

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IDs Maker x3
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